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Sexual Body Language For Men and Women

body language men womenThis site is all about sexual body language and its role in turning your partner on.

You can study body language of men and body language of women and learn to really love body language. It tells you so much if you learn to take notice!

Do you know that we communicate up to 80% by non verbal signals. Go to reading body language of men and women and you can increase your dating success and attraction to the opposite sex. 

Most men do not have a good  understanding of body language  To see how to  interpret body language see interpreting body language.

Do you know that when you lie you use certain body language signs. Women are expert in reading sexual body language.

If a women is attracted in you she will send out some subtle love body language signals like in flirting body language. If a man does not read the flirting body language signals the woman will move on.

Sexual Body Language Tips

sexual body languageBody language can be open body language and closed body language. Closed body language is setting with legs crossed. This indicates that a person does not agree with you.

Open body language is when a person is making eye contact and usually facing you and has arms open . If you approach a women with closed body language you will have a challenge.

Men's body language and women's body language have some things in common and some are unique to a  men or a woman.

Eye contact is vital in sexual body language. If you hold a woman's gaze till she looks away she will feel you are a strong man. Most men look away first indicating that they are scared on some level.

When you hold her gaze, try smiling and see how she reacts. Test body language menher rather than have her testing you.

The first 10 seconds is vital to create attraction so practice this to you are an expert at body language.

Once you get your sexual body language together you need to be expert in bed.

One way to ramp up the sexual vibe is to use dirty talking. For a more spiritual approach check out  Sexual Ecstasy in 14 Days.





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